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Lockdown Limitations: An Opportunity

Updated: May 13, 2021

Are we being faced with the end of the systems, businesses, and world that we’ve known for so long? Or is this a time of innovation, newness, and creative potential?

It’s a choice!

Keep your focus on how our society is crumbling if you like, but I have a different possibility to present.

The world has been shaken up like an Etch-A-Sketch. What happens when you shake an Etch-A-Sketch though? You get a new space to design, create, and innovate. This is what I will be focusing on. I will be looking for new ways to innovate and create things that are in line with my core values.

I’ve worked at Inner Design International for over a year now, and in that time, I’ve been able to get a good grasp on answers to the question “what do we value?”.

Before the lockdowns that we are currently facing, I thought I knew what everyone in the world valued: money, social recognition, more and better possessions, and sex, of course.

As I’ve explored human values in my work, I’ve discovered a far more nuanced and satisfying system of values. You may be familiar with Myers Briggs. We use a system called True Colours, based on the same research for identifying personal values, needs, joys and stressors. In that system, there are four main personality types with specific core values, as follows:


  • Visionary thinking

  • Intelligence

  • Problem solving


  • Fun

  • Excitement

  • Adventure


  • Structure

  • Organization

  • Loyalty


  • Connection

  • Harmony

  • Communication

Notice that money, fame, possessions, and even sex are nowhere on these lists. We need to remember that we only ever wanted these things so that we could fulfill our own core values: fun, connection, actualizing a vision, or creating an organized system. All these are possible in our currently “locked-down” circumstances.

Think about pre-lockdown life. How much Netflix did you watch so you could enter a world of excitement, adventure, or something stimulating? We are at the edge of a new frontier. We may think we have been limited by lockdowns. The truth is, we have always lived within certain limits. We just found ways to be comfortable within those limits. Society has always had rules. They just changed suddenly and unexpectedly. It is going to take something for us to find creative ways to use our current limitations to our advantage. Zoom and Uber are thriving. Why not you?

Let’s look at those core values together and brainstorm new ways to create connection, fresh methods for organizing businesses and people. Let’s make platforms for visionary thinkers to make a difference. Let’s find new, better ways of making life fun.

We don’t need to return to normal. We need to get creative and get connected to each other in a deeper way than just sharing a movie together.

This time may have felt like the “Dark Ages” for many people. What comes next can be a Renaissance. We have to start creating now though.

This world is ready for your unique contribution. Get in touch with what that is, by attending a life-changing Keys to Personal Success Workshop. It’s where I got real clarity around my own values, and why I am the way I am; why I’m not like someone else. From there, I can take responsibility for my personal truth and I’m finding a way to express myself authentically. I’m realizing how stuck I was trying to fit myself into our well-established norms pre-lockdown. Now that the pre-moulded way of life is gone, I have more freedom than ever to truly create my life. That is scary, believe me. It means I am solely responsible for constructing my life, and speaking my truth in a way that others can understand. There’s power, freedom, and excitement there too though. The same kind of freedom I was presented with when I first held an Etch-A-Sketch, as a child.

Remember that an Etch-A-Sketch is limited to a small rectangle with two knobs, yet full of possibility. Now imagine what you can create within our current “restrictions”.

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