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Why Your Guy is not a Flowers Guy!

Did you ever wonder why Valentine’s Day means so much to some people and literally nothing to others?

Well, I guess there are plenty of reasons, but when it comes to True Colors™ International and the 4 personality types, the reason is quite simple. We are all unique!

Each of us have all 4 personality types within us, to varying degrees.


Green! What’s Green? Well, Green is the color word given to one of the 4 personality types in the True Colors™ Personality model. 23 % of our population is Green.

To learn more about Green, Gold, Blue and Orange personality types, go to

The following is a true story about the personality types known as Green and Blue.

(Their real names have been changed to protect the innocent😊)

One day, Ms. Blue and her girlfriend were out walking their dogs. They stopped at a bench to rest and enjoy the sunshine. Sitting next to Ms. Blue was a man, a very handsome man. He was sitting alone and reading the newspaper. Ms. Blue looked at the man, and the man looked at Ms. Blue. Their eyes locked, and… “Cupid IS in the house!”

Turns out, that Mr. Green was an intelligent man and quite educated. He seemed to know a lot about so many different things. Mr. Green loved his work and took great pride in everything he did. He loved numbers and ideas and he could often be found researching and coming up with grand ideas.

Well, Ms. Blue was quite smitten with Mr. Green, and Mr. Green thought Ms. Blue was the most beautiful, kind and generous woman he had ever met. He found it interesting how Ms. Blue seemed to care so much about relationships, and she had endless energy when it came to helping others and making sure they were happy and comfortable.

Well, Ms. Blue and Mr. Green spent quite a lot of time together, and their relationship grew. Ms. Blue liked to share stories about life and often created opportunities for romance and uh..well you know.. other stuff. Ms. Blue was just all about love, and whatever it took to create meaning in the relationship. Mr. Green didn’t complain😊

Mr. Green, on the other hand, took wonderful care of Ms. Blue, fixing things and ensuring Ms. Blue’s car was always in “tip top” condition. Ms. Blue loved the way Mr. Green took care of her, and it didn’t take long before Ms. Blue, with a wide-open heart, fell madly in love with Mr. Green. Mr. Green, on the other hand, needed time to process and make a careful choice.

Eventually, after some consideration and thought, Mr. Green, too, fell in love with Ms. Blue, and he said those 3 little magic words. “I love you”.

Ooohhh!! Ms. Blue, being the relationship person that she was, gushed and swooned and fell even harder for her big, tall, strong, and smart Green man.

Life was wonderful, and as time went on Ms. Blue discovered that Mr. Green didn’t say “I love You” to her nearly as often as she said it to him. In fact, she realized that Mr. Green didn’t often buy flowers or think too much about romance either.

It would sometimes bother Ms. Blue, but then she would remember that Mr. Green was not hard wired the same way she was. Did Mr. Green love Ms. Blue? (And here is the important part). Hell yes he did! More than anything! You see, Mr. Green was in fact, showing Ms. Blue every day, in huge ways just how much he loved her. The simple truth was, that Mr. Green was just not able to show love in the same way that Ms. Blue showed love. He was demonstrating love in the way that he knew, and anything else was not easy or natural. Being the analytical and conceptual thinker that he was, buying flowers and saying I love you seldom came to his mind.

Mr. Green knew that Ms. Blue had different needs than he did. So, he sometimes thought to himself, “I know I love Ms. Blue, and she must know it because I am always doing so much for her to ensure she is safe and cared for. I also tell her I love her. “Well, it wasn’t THAT long ago when I last told her. Was it?” He couldn’t quite recall, but he knew he loved Ms. Blue more than anything, and he was definitely doing his very best, every day, to show her.

He hoped she knew!

What Mr. Green wants is for Ms. Blue to know he would do anything for her and that all he wants, and needs is to be accepted and loved exactly as he is. He just wants to know that in Ms. Blue’s eyes, he is her man. Just as she saw him the day they first met!

What Ms. Blue SO much wants to hear is: “I Love You”, “I care about how you feel”, and “You are important to me”. Hearing these words mean so much to Ms. Blue. With these words she feels loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


To find out more about True Colors™ and the Green, Gold, Blue and Orange in all of us contact us at:

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