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How soon will I see RESULTS in my work and home relationships?

Business Meeting

The results will be immediate. True Colours is intentionally uncomplicated. The True Colours method was designed to be simple and effective. After some fun and interactive activities, you will see the fundamental differences in the 4 personality types. It is a jaw dropping, eye opening experience that will impact the rest of your life.

Do you offer follow up courses?

Yes. We encourage you to keep the True Colours training fresh and top of mind with quarterly workshops. Contact us to schedule a True Colours refresher course or a fun training day. We also offer courses in Communication, Leadership or Conflict Resolution. Online and one on one training is also available.

Will you travel outside of the Toronto GTA?

Using today's Virtual technologies like Zoom, anything is possible!

When we resume on-site Workshops, we are looking forward to bringing our Workshops to you. If you are located outside the Toronto GTA, and are interested in on-site Workshops, connect with us so we can create the optimal Workshop for your organization.

Can you help my family business?

Yes, Inner Design International™ works with all groups, including family businesses, adults, children and teenagers, True Colours will bring together your family, team or organization in a way that reduces conflict and increases acceptance and understanding. Happy people are productive people.

Do your Workshops help create a peaceful work environment?

The True Colours method will help you determine if your people are in the positions that suit them best. It will also create a massive shift in your hiring process. When people are doing what they are good at and love to do, they are happy, productive, cooperative and successful.

Will you help sales growth in my office, small business, or large corporation?

Absolutely! The value received when working with Inner Design International™, is truly priceless. Your people will have major breakthroughs in the area of their interpersonal communication, sales and productivity. They will leave the workshop with the ability to create major changes in their work environment, client relationships, and in their sales process.

What results can I expect from Inner Design International's™ Workshops?

When we recognize and acknowledge a person's true character, communication improves. It creates greater levels of trust, more collaboration and less conflict.

In our Workshops, based on True Colours Methodology, participants are given a framework for understanding different personality types. This is not simply a personality test. People are consistently amazed at the accuracy of this model, the depth of the knowledge they gain, and how, for the first time, they feel truly understood. Our Workshops give your group a new language to use for collaboration and communication, and tools that inspire progress and empower outstanding results.

What is Inner Design International™?

​At Inner Design International™ our mission is clear. Growth!

We have incorporated the True Colours Personality model into our training to create a massive shift, inspiring you, your partners, teams and organizations to excel in business and in life.

Inner Design International™ creates and facilitates Workshops based on powerful True Colours methodology. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Inner Design International delivers customizable Workshops that transform entire organizations and produce extraordinary teams.

We are currently offering all our Workshops online, and look forward to being on-site with you again soon.

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