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Teams are the evolution of any business


Communication & trust are your organization's most valuable assets

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Communication & Team-Success Workshops for Today's Dynamic Business Landscape

Virtual Team Meeting


Empower your organization's value system and communication


Develop appropriate leadership styles for working with different types of people


Improve relationships with all stakeholders


Develop self-managing teams

Team-Success Technology

At the core of our Workshops

1 Expert Facilitation


Communication & Team-Success Specialist


"When you know who you are, and express that in a way that inspires growth and excellence, success is simply a given. "


Through 30 years of successful business leadership experience, and training with True Colours, Landmark Worldwide, and Richard Robbins International, Karen has become a master of understanding people and creating a massive shift in communication and collaboration.

Karen is a leading-edge entrepreneur, speaker, mother, and rock singer. Now, as a Communication and Team-Success Specialist at Inner Design International, Karen is facilitating fun, life-changing, business transforming Workshops for teams and organizations around the world.

2 Powerful Modern Communication Tools

Inner Design Advantage™

A comprehensive analysis of organizational strengths, blind-spots, and pathways to success based on over 40 years of leading-edge research

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Each member of your team will complete an insightful online personality assessment and participate in our Keys to Personal Success Workshop where we will create your team's unique Colour Spectrums 

True Colours Personality System

More than 40 years of proven results for millions of people. Discover powerful tools to dramatically improve your communication in business and in all aspects of life.

  • A simple, fun and highly effective way to build powerful teams that produce outstanding results​

  • Provides an entirely new level of communication that connects and inspires the different personalities to work together powerfully

  • Inspires confidence and empowers people to live highly effective lives​

  • Used by Fortune 500 Companies such as Amazon, Google, Ford, and many more

Schedule a discovery call with a Team-Success specialist to discover the real difference Inner Design International's online or on-site Workshops can make for your organization

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