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Enhance collaboration, leadership, sales and connection with advanced personality training

Begin Your Journey to Understanding Yourself and Others!

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“I appreciated understanding my strengths and weaknesses. As an outgoing Orange, I valued learning why I am not detail oriented and how to communicate my working style with others.”


Sharon Sehdev (Orange), Director at Marsan Resources

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Create an unstoppable collaborative culture and lead with confidence

Connect, communicate and collaborate on a whole new level

Introduce your group to the power of personalities

Knowing what motivates and drives different personalities gives you the ability to work more effectively with people, saving you time and money.


Communication & Team Success Specialist

After 30 years of experience in business leadership and sales, I've mastered the art of helping others transform their ability to lead, communicate, and connect to others in a powerful and authentic way.  As a world-traveler, entrepreneur, rock singer and mother, I am committed to helping others succeed in business and all areas of life. 

Knowing what motivates and drives different personalities gives you the ability to work more effectively with others, saving you time, energy and money. With simple, fast training, I can help you and your team develop your ability to engage powerfully with all different types of people, improve relationships and enhance effectiveness as a leader, salesperson, team member and partner.

Have Karen speak at your next event or team meeting!

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Interactive Training


Maximize your collaborative and team experiences.

Create win-win opportunities with advanced insights into yourself and those around you.

"What do I want to tell other business owners? This Workshop is incredible. Our team's confidence, productivity, and communication improved drastically."


Vitalii Tichkevitch, Owner, Toronto Doors and Windows

Transform your ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with all types of people

Business discussion


Know yourself and understand others like never before with leading-edge training and coaching.

Your Morning Power-Up

Every Mon - Fri @ 9 am  ET!

Transform the thoughts you think every day and step into an anything-is-possible mindset!

Unstoppable You!

Discover your unique superpower

Mindset Coaching

Gain clarity and confidence in all your commitments

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